Bespoke Lampshades and Light Shades

Our family business in Devon have been making beautiful bespoke lampshades for generations. We supply gorgeous hand-crafted traditional and modern styles to residential and trade customers throughout the UK

These are all the bespoke lampshade shapes we make, available in a range of sizes and countless fabric’s and colours.

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Our Bespoke Lampshade Service

What sets us apart from other bespoke lampshade makers is our unique ability to create lampshades in both traditional and modern styles—a rare offering among bespoke lampshade producers. At Imperial Lighting, we strive to blend timeless craftsmanship with contemporary design, providing you with a diverse range of options to enhance your living or working spaces.

All of our lampshades are made to order, therefore if you see a fabric that you like, albeit on the wrong shade generally we can make it for you. Alternatively supply your own fabric and choose any lampshade style shown on our website. 

Why Imperial Lighting

For over 60 years, Imperial Lighting has been a distinguished bespoke lampshade manufacturer, crafting stunning handmade pieces in both modern and traditional styles. Nestled in our Devon workshop, we take great pride in producing beautiful, hand-crafted lampshades that cater to the discerning tastes of both trade and residential customers across the UK.

Being a family business, we approach each bespoke lampshade with care and dedication. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we welcome personalized discussions about your lampshade requirements. Additionally, we offer the convenience of sending free fabric samples, guaranteeing that you receive the perfect lampshade for your home or project.

Modern Bespoke Lampshades

Modern shaped lampshades and known as hard shades because fabric is laminated to a rigid PVC backing and then skillfully formed to a top and bottom ring. This method enables more contemporary shapes such as Drum, Empires and Coolies in addition to straight sided lampshades including Squares and Rectangles.

We tend not to trim our modern lampshades instead we hand roll the top and bottom section of the fabric over the frame. Known as a rolled edge finish this method gives a seamless finish to the top and bottom of the lampshade.The inside of the lampshade by default is finished in a white PVC although we do offer a range of other finishes including metallic Golds, Silver and Copper

Traditional Bespoke Lampshades

Commonly known as soft shades, traditional lampshades exhibit a classic charm. These shades feature a rigid wire frame meticulously covered with hand stretched fabric. Internally, a soft fabric lining is delicately stretched, concealing the wire frame in addition to softening the light. To add a polished touch, each lampshade is meticulously adorned with a line of trim at the top and bottom, effectively concealing any stitching or glue.

Typically, traditional lampshades have a distinctive bowed design, with a wider base tapering towards the top. The elegance of these lampshades can be further enhanced with the addition of decorative fringe and tassels, offering a touch of sophistication. At Imperial Lighting, our commitment to traditional craftsmanship ensures that each soft shade is a testament to timeless beauty and attention to detail.

Firstly, our bespoke Cylinder, Empire and Drum Shade are handmade in your choice of fabric, including your own material and finished with optional metallic linings.

Secondly, our most popular traditional bespoke lampshades, made to order in a sizes to fit table, standard and floor lamps in a choice of fabric

Thirdly, these Rectangle, Tall Cone and Oval bespoke lampshades suit a variety of lamps and come in a range of Cotton Linen, Velvet or Faux Silk.

Moreover, these classic Bowed Drum, Empire and Octagonal bespoke lampshades are handmade and come in a huge range of options.

This large bespoke drum lampshade comes in sizes upto 120cm wide and include a removable diffuser and 3 light fitting.  

The Retro Drum, Tall Cylinder and Coolie lampshades are always a popular choice for traditional and also modern interiors. 

In addition they are perfectly suited for rooms with low ceilings our bespoke flush drum shade comes in 45cm 60cm and 80cm diameters and over 70 colours

Furthermore, traditional candle lampshades are made to order in a range of fabrics and trims, or supply our own for a truly bespoke lamp shade.

Additionally our bespoke drum lampshades made in your choice of fabric and finished with a stylish metallic linings.

Considering a replacement for an existing lampshade? Opting for a like-for-like replacement may prove to be more cost-effective. Simply share a picture of your current lampshade along with its dimensions to receive a customized quote. Our commitment is to provide you with the perfect lighting solution that meets your individual preferences and requirements.

Bell shaped lamp shade with scalloped base for table lamps made in fawn faux silk
A traditional bell shaped table lamp shade in Red faux silk
A traditional styled drum lamp shade that is bowed in the middle in white faux silk

How Can We Help ?


Above all we pride ourselves on offering exceptional levels of service.  Therefore if you are looking for lampshades for home or working on a trade project please contact us to discuss your bespoke light shade requirements in more detail.

Commercial Bespoke Lampshades

Over the years we have supplied bespoke lampshades to various trade and commercial projects. Our ability to manufacture most styles of bespoke lampshades has gained us the reputation of one of the countries leading lampshade specialists. 


Firstly, working directly with RBS design team we designed a suite of 6 bespoke drum lamp shades, the largest being a 2m wide 3 tier bespoke light shade. To date over 600 branches have been fitted with our handmade Welcome Triage shades.


Secondly, 265 bespoke equilateral triangular lamp shades measuring 1500mm diameter come to life when the bespoke integrated LED light system is switched on. Subsequently creating a truly unique effect that has received extremity positive feed back from our client and Plexal themselves. 


Bespoke extra large drum shades in Bute Tweed have also been supplied to all newly re-fit branches throughout Scotland. Consequently our digital print welcome messages completed the look of the 2m wide bespoke light shades.

Celtic Manor

Moreover, we have been supplying bespoke lamp shades to Celtic Manor for a number of years. As a result were chosen to supply a stunning multi toned bespoke fabric drum shade to each bedroom during there recent multi million pound re-fit. As well as working to tight dead lines we supplied a large quantity of bespoke lamp shades over this rolling project.


Eurostars Business Lounge at Gare du Nord was chiefly designed by Philippe Starck. That is to say when the shades needed to be updated Imperial Lighting were the obvious choice to redesign and install new bespoke drum lamp shades in keeping with the design brief.

Forging strong working relationships with Interior designers, architects, contract furnishers and similarly within the hospitality industry. In addition our can-do approach to bespoke lamp shade projects has seen us work on a number of high profile projects. As a result we are experienced in delivering national roll-outs and working to tight deadlines. In conclusion examples of recent bespoke lampshade projects can be found below.

Bespoke Drum Lamp Shades

Emphatically the most popular lamp shade sold online is the drum light shade. This is because the simplistic style is suited to traditional and also contemporary interiors. Handmade bespoke drum lamp shades work well on both lamps and as a pendant. In conclusion Imperial Lighting’s handmade bespoke drum shades are made to order. In addition customers can build bespoke drum shades online using our drum shade builder.

Bespoke Candle Lampshade

Bespoke lampshade makers of candle and also chandelier lamp shades our Bespoke candle lamp shades are handmade to order. As a result we have our own in-house wire work facility, your lampshades will be made to exact dimensions which is particularly useful if trying to match existing lamp shades.

In addition, examples of our lampshades can be found across the UK from private residence, to Royal Palaces. In conclusion please get in touch to discuss your next lampshade.

Bespoke lampshades are also a perfect way to add a personal touch to your home decor with a wide range of styles, sizes, colours, and materials available. Therefore bespoke lampshades offer an unparalleled level of flexibility and customisation.

A bespoke lampshade is a unique, one-of-a-kind item that has been created specifically for you.  Similarly, one of the key benefits of bespoke lampshades is the ability to choose from a variety of materials and fabrics. Whether you prefer a traditional silk or cotton lampshade or something more unique like velvet, the possibilities are endless.

Before choosing the right bespoke lampshade for your home, it’s important to consider the main purpose of the lampshade. Does it need to give off a lot of light or alternatively  just light the corner of the room? Additionally you need to think about materials, fabrics, and styles to ensure that your new lampshade fits perfectly with your existing decor.

Above all, a lampshade is a beautiful and functional addition to any home. Equally, with their unparalleled level of customisation and personalisation, these lampshades are sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space.